Priorities at the School of Law

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the main way that alumni/ae and friends choose to support the school. All Annual Fund spending is directed toward scholarships, need-based financial aid, co-op stipends and loan repayment assistance. Your generosity to this fund is the most direct way to support students in their work today.

Alumni/ae participation is extremely important to the School of Law. Making a gift is easy. To participate in our monthly recurring automatic gift plan, please go to our secure site and create your gift schedule now. To make a onetime gift online click here, or simply write a check. For more information, please contact us at

Fund for the Public Interest

Through our Fund for the Public Interest, we offer co-op stipends and a post-graduate Loan Deferral and Forgiveness Program. Your support will provide debt relief to graduates who are working in the public sector.

Law Library

The law library needs your support to continue to serve as a great resource for students and faculty. Your gift will help keep its print and virtual shelves stocked with the latest and most important books and periodicals and its technology up-to-date.

Co-op Stipends

The School of Law awards limited co-op stipends to eligible students completing public interest co-ops. Support comes from the school's Fund for the Public Interest and other stipend programs. Stipends have allowed co-op students to represent immigrants seeking political asylum, tenants fighting to prevent eviction, women seeking shelter from domestic violence, children trying to obtain educational services, mothers seeking child support payments, inmates challenging overcrowded prison conditions and more.

Scholarship Assistance

Every student’s needs are different, but the financial gap in paying for law school can be a roadblock no matter where a student comes from or plans to go. By providing scholarship assistance, we can enable greater access to law school, providing support for deserving students who want to graduate with their degree and make a difference.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed funds may be established to support scholarships, co-op stipends, the law library or any of our program areas. With a minimum gift of $50,000, an endowed fund may be created and named in honor of the donor or as directed. The income earned from this fund is used each year for the designated purpose. The list of endowed scholarships supporting the School of Law grows each year.

Expendable Funds

Expendable funds may be used for the same areas of need as endowed funds and can be established with a minimum gift of $10,000. Unlike endowed funds, there are no restrictions on the amount that can be spent in a given year from an expendable fund. To facilitate and encourage these significant gifts, the School of Law encourages multi-year pledges, payable over one to five years.

Public Interest Law Support

Students motivated to do public interest law work are especially stymied by these financial realities. Not only are they more likely to pursue non paying co-ops, but they also earn less after graduation. Entry-level salaries in legal services, public defender and district attorney offices in Massachusetts range from $35,000-$50,000. Scholarship and loan deferral support are of critical importance to these graduates.

Faculty Support

We seek to fund named faculty chairs in critical areas and to raise funds to support visiting faculty and current faculty research efforts.

Cooperative Income Sharing Program (CISP)

This student-run and student-funded program makes grants to students choosing unpaid or underpaid public interest co-ops. CISP raises money by selling Northeastern Law clothing and merchandise, holding used book sales and relying on the generosity of its own student members.