Law School Team Assesses Boston as Human Rights City


04.29.21 —The law school’s Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) and Domestic Violence Institute (DVI) has issued a new report, “The State of Housing for Domestic Violence Victims in Boston During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Assessment of Boston as a Human Rights City.” The report lays out six human rights recommendations for Boston to implement to ensure that domestic violence victims’ human rights to safe and adequate housing are protected during the COVID-19 pandemic and similar public health challenges.

“Our goal in preparing this report is to bolster Boston’s ability to realize the human rights of all of its residents and foster a community that is aware of its rights,” said Professor Martha Davis, faculty co-director of PHRGE. “Consistent with the essence of a human rights city, we seek to empower victims of domestic violence to hold Boston’s government officials accountable for protecting human rights to safe and adequate housing during the COVID-19 pandemic and any future public health crises.”

As part of their work in Davis’ US Human Rights Advocacy seminar, Kelly Gibson ’22 and Adya Kumar ’22 worked alongside Davis and Professor Margo Lindauer ’07, director of the Domestic Violence Institute, to develop the report. Margaret Drew ’80, director of clinics and experiential learning at the University of Massachusetts School of Law, also provided input. The report is available at

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