prelaw magazine cover12.29.20 — Northeastern University School of Law has been named one of the top 25 law schools for racial justice by preLaw magazine. According to preLaw, “Dozens of law schools are adding offerings in the wake of racial unrest that has swept the nation. Yet, those that lead the pack have had such programs in place for some time.” That is certainly true of Northeastern Law, where racial justice has been a top priority throughout the school’s history.

“We are delighted with this recognition of our long-term commitment to racial justice,” said Dean James Hackney. “Deeply troubling and tragic events have magnified the problems in the past year. Our faculty, students, graduates and allies are continuing the work at the heart of our social justice mission while also developing new reponses and ideas about how we, as a nation and world, combat racism in our legal system and in our lives.”

In addition to offering courses that focus on race and the law, Northeastern Law’s centers, programs and institutes focus on related issues. Among the school’s many initatives, the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project is a national leader in investigating cold cases, particularly lynchings, in the South between 1930 and 1970; the Center for Public Interest Advocacy and Collaboration is focused on dismantling the cradle-to-prison pipeline: and the Immigrant Justice Clinic is on the front lines of advocating for noncitizen clients. The school recently launched a Criminal Justice Task Force focused on a myriad of criminal justice reform issues, including the historical roots of racial disparity and mass incarceration. Students of color make up 33.3 percent of the student body and the faculty is 29 percent people of color.

preLaw/The National Jurist also ranks Northeastern Law as the No. 1  law school for practical training, the No. 3 law school for public interest, and has awarded the school “A+” grades in human rights law and health law and an “A” grade in intellectual property.

About Northeastern University School of Law

The nation’s leader in experiential legal education since 1968, Northeastern University School of Law offers the longest-running, most extensive experience-based legal education program in the country and is a national leader in legal education reform. Founded with cooperative legal education as the cornerstone of its program, Northeastern guarantees its students unparalleled practical legal work experiences. All students participate in full-time legal placements, and can choose from the more than 1,500 employers worldwide participating in the school’s signature Cooperative Legal Education Program. The future of legal education since 1968, Northeastern University School of Law blends theory and practice, providing students with a unique set of skills and experience to successfully practice law.

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