02.03.21 — How can the emerging practice of legal design further evolve into a structured and productive method for critique? To answer that question, the law school’s NuLawLab is welcoming design strategist Sankalp Bhatnagar for a six-month research residency focused on developing and testing critical approaches to legal design, with an emphasis on generating a shared language around the topic. Bhatnagar specializes in working outside disciplines to sustain practices that equip people to encourage institutions to effectively reckon with public movements and strategically respond to public crises. “

At the NuLawLab, we are dedicated to using art and other creative disciplines to advance how law can help people meet their everyday problems and challenges. We are currently working on approaches that advance stable housing, teach individuals how to represent themselves in court and assist survivors of domestic violence in accessing legal help,” said Dan Jackson ’97, executive director of NuLawLab. “We are excited to welcome Sankalp and look forward to integrating his ideas and energy into our law school community.”

As part of his residency, Bhatnagar will participate in NuLawLab’s Laboratory Seminar in Applied Design and Legal Empowerment and produce a publication in cooperation with the NuLawLab that provides practical guidance on the application of critical legal design. Bhatnagar holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics and design from Carnegie Mellon, where he earned intercollege and research honors, and a graduate degree from The New School. In addition t o to this research residency at Northeastern, he is engaged in graduate coursework at MIT in science, technology and society, and and gained his first exposure to legal design through a seminar on law, justice and design at Harvard Law School.

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