Richard Ahamad ’08

“Co-op allowed me to hit the ground running when I got my first legal job.”

Richard Ahamad ’08

“Before coming to law school, I worked as an electrical engineer. After eight years, I was tired of circuit design and set my sights on a job where I could actively change people’s lives,” says Richard Ahamad.

Deciding to attend law school, Richard was concerned about switching careers at such a late stage and finding a public interest focused legal education. He found just what he needed at Northeastern Law. “Northeastern addressed both through the practical experience I gained through co-op and the strong public interest streak of the professors and my fellow students,” he explains. “Co-op allowed me to hit the ground running when I got my first legal job.”

Today, Richard balances his public interest with his own law practice in Trinidad. “One fuels the other,” he notes. “I’m volunteering with an NGO that works with impoverished kids, plus bringing all the know-how I gained on co-op to general civil cases.”


Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Boston

Richard conducted research and wrote legal memoranda related to public benefits, criminal records and affordable housing.

  • NUSL Governing Council

New Orleans Legal Assistance Corporation, New Orleans

Richard worked with clients to assess claims and defenses regarding public housing and Section 8 voucher issues, evictions, FEMA rental assistance and utility bill disputes.

  • International Law
  • Taxation

Certiorari Clinic

After Graduation

Staff Attorney, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (formerly New Orleans Legal Assistance Corporation)


Attorney, Devesh Maharaj and Associates, Port of Spain, Trinidad


A lawyer who knows his business.