PHRGE Celebrates World Water Day With Fact Sheets on Human Right to Water

Professor Martha Davis PHRGE co-director

3.22.23 — For World Water Day 2023, the Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) collaborated with the University of Miami Human Rights Clinic and the Indigenous Safe Housing Center on two new, accessible fact sheets on the human right to water. One fact sheet provides general information about the right, including government obligations to ensure access to water. The other fact sheet addresses issues relating to indigenous water rights, including access to water for spiritual and cultural uses. These publications join PHRGE’s series of briefing papers on water rights, available on PHRGE’s webpage.

“The recent UN report on the climate change emergency reminds us how important it is to be vigilant about water justice,” said Professor Martha Davis, PHRGE co-director.  “Collaborative public education projects like this with U Miami are a great way to spread the word about water rights.”


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