Latin American Law Students Association

The Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA) at Northeastern University School of Law serves as a community for its membership, as a forum for student voices and as a support system for the needs and goals of Latinx/Hispanic/Chicanx law students at Northeastern University.

Our members come from different cultural, racial, ethnic and national backgrounds; these different raíces or “roots” are the foundations of our LALSA Family and serve as sources of collective strength, resilience and community. Our LALSA Familia welcomes you!

LALSA Statement: Supporting NUSL’s Black Community

LALSA condemns the brutal murders, the state violence and the anti-Black racism that continues to be perpetrated across the country. We commit to supporting NUSL’s Black Community by working within and across our communities to ensure that Black Lives Matter today and every single day. Click here for our Chapter’s full statement and a list of resources.

COVID-19 Support From LALSA 

All students have been affected by the safety measures undertaken in response to COVID-19, and all students have been affected in different ways. Please see below for resources to support students’ education and wellbeing in this extremely difficult time:

For more information about resources and accommodations available to support remote learning, please email us, at