Mission Statement

Through our events, initiatives and actions, Northeastern Law’s Latin American Law Students Association Chapter seeks to advance its central goal of supporting Latinx law students. Our mission is achieved by the following objectives:

a). Providing a safe space to bring, build, and share Latinx culture and experiences to NUSL and beyond;
b). Advocating for Latinx representation at NUSL through students admitted and faculty appointed;
c). Increasing Latinx representation in the legal field;
d).  Amplifying marginalized voices in the Latinx community;
3). Actively building a community that is pro-Black, pro-Indigenous, pro-Woman, pro-Queer & Trans*, pro-Undocumented & DACAmented, and one that centers the experiences of our members with multiple marginalized identities.

LALSA Events

LALSA holds events throughout the year to support the academic, professional and personal goals of our members. Our programming seeks to foster a culture that is responsive and intersectional in approach. Examples of past LALSA events include:

  • Monthly Cafecito Social Hour
  • LALSA Salsa Night
  • Día de los Muertos Celebration
  • OCI Decoded: Preparing Your Best Self--Diversity & All
  • ¿Qué es Co-op?
  • Virtual Bingo

The LALSA Familias Program

For students of underrepresented and marginalized identities, our support systems are critical: they’re places of joy and are often spaces where we’re most “at home.” LALSA works to provide that support to our members through the Familias Mentorship Program.


Based on a new member’s legal experience, career goals, interests and cultural background, the Familias Mentorship Program matches new members with a 2nd-Year and 3rd-Year LALSA mentor. The aim of the Familias structure is to provide first-year members with insights and support from two upper level students at different stages in the law school experience. Support from upper-level mentors includes:

  • Holding space for lunch or dinner check-ins;
  • Providing help with first-year courses and co-op insights;
  • Offering “outlines” or study guides for final exams;
  • And introducing out-of-state new members to the City of Boston & Massachusetts.

As graduates note each year, the LALSA’s Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for LALSA members to develop life-long friendships, meaningful professional relationships and access to the countless connections of the larger LALSA Family.