05.08.20 — The Center for Law, Information and Creativity (CLIC) at Northeastern University School of Law is part of a team that recently received a Northeastern University TIER 1 Award, which provides support for interdisciplinary research, seeking to stimulate exciting and innovative directions and increase the competitiveness of external proposals. The team’s project, Advancing Racial and Health Equity through the Arts: A Community-Engaged Research Study in the City of Boston, is a community-engaged exploratory project to investigate inclusive arts participation as an effective strategy to advance racial and health equity by building community identity, solidarity and empowerment.

The project features the College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD) faculty members Rebekah Moore (Music) as contact principal investigator, alongside Amanda Reeser Lawrence (Architecture) and Antonio Ocampo-Guzman (Theatre). They are working in collaboration with the School of Law’s Professor Jessica Silbey, faculty director of  CLIC, as well as faculty from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) and Bouvé College of Health Sciences: Alisa Lincoln (Sociology and Anthropology/Health Sciences), Laura Senier (Sociology and Anthropology/Health Sciences), and Shan Mohammed (Health Sciences).

We’re delighted to be working with CLIC, which will bring invaluable expertise in terms of issues of institutional governance, access and policy design, with who are clearly invested in how and why the arts matter,” said Moore.

“We are honored to receive the university’s TIER 1 seed grant to support this project, which will attempt to empirically reconcile society's awareness of the motivations to create art and the institutions or policies that disincentivize creativity in particular communities,” added Toni Morgan, CLIC’s managing director.

About CLIC

The Center for Law, Information and Creativity (CLIC) combines the study of innovation and creativity with Northeastern University School of Law’s social justice mission. CLIC is a unique environment attracting diverse scholars, lawyers, students, creators, innovators, start-up ventures and established companies to study the regulation of intellectual property and technology with the aim of promoting progress.

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