Exceptional Lawyers, Dedicated Mentors

Our faculty practice what they teach. In addition to being exceptional scholars and researchers, they are authors of trailblazing casebooks and widely read articles in the most prestigious journals. Our faculty includes active litigators, committed advocates, respected consultants and influential policy shapers. Law isn’t simply a subject to them; it’s a tool that they sharpen and wield with authority.

As busy as they are, our faculty members — including distinguished adjunct and visiting faculty, specialists, lecturers and program managers — are available, accessible and eager to offer advice and assistance. They are passionate about teaching and take great pride in inspiring the next generation of professionals who will make their mark on the world.

Quick Facts: Faculty

  • Full-time total: 58
  • Women: 69%
  • Men: 31%
  • Faculty of color: 33%

Meet Our Faculty