Helping You Through the Job Search Process

On co-op you’ll focus — and often refocus — your career goals based on diverse and challenging experiences. Put that experience and confidence together with multiple employer evaluations on your permanent transcript, and you’ll have a real edge in finding full-time employment.

You’ll also have extensive support in finding a job. You'll receive one-on-one guidance from a professional development advisor in the Center for Co-op and Career Development throughout your three years of law school. With assistance, you'll design a professional development strategy that includes both co-op and post-graduate planning. We’ll help you think creatively about your career.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have had the opportunity to assess your skills and interests, refine your resume and fine-tune your interview and job search skills — and you’ll have tested those skills in four separate workplaces.

Through workshops and other targeted programs, we’ll expose you to the many exciting ways you can use your law degree. Whatever your future holds, you’ll be ready.

Recruitment Programs and Job Fairs

NUSL Recruitment Program
Northeastern’s recruitment program includes employers that will be interviewing on-campus in the fall and also employers who are not on campus, but are interested in receiving resumes from NUSL students.

National Recruitment Program
This program is a Massachusetts Law School Consortium Program — students from all of the Massachusetts ABA-accredited law schools can participate. The participating employers include various law firms and corporations from around the country. Interviews for this program take place at Suffolk Law School.

Equal Justice Works Career Fair and Conference
The annual Career Fair and Conference is held in Washington, DC, every October. Individuals interested in public interest/public sector positions should plan to attend this fair as it is the largest national public sector career fair. Employer information and the conference schedule are available at the Equal Justice Works Website at in late August. Students apply directly to employers by the stated deadline and employers contact students directly to schedule interviews.

Fall and Spring Government and Public Interest Programs
These are Massachusetts Law School Consortium Programs — students from all of the Massachusetts ABA-accredited law schools can participate. Interviews are held at Boston College Law School in October and at Suffolk Law School in January. Employers include government and public interest organizations from around the country. All resumes are pre-screened.

Patent Law Interview Program
1L, 2L and 3L students interested in intellectual property who have an undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering or a technical science are eligible to participate. Program is held at Loyola University Chicago School of Law in Chicago during the summer. This program gives students a chance to interview with patent law firms, as well as law firms, corporations and government agencies with patent law departments from across the country. Information and registration on this program is available in January. Visit Loyola’s web page for more information.

Pathways to Success

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