Legal Skills in Social Context

Legal Skills in Social Context

The Legal Skills in Social Context program offers both first-year students and nonprofit or government organizations an extraordinary opportunity to work together on a social justice project.

Students are introduced to the core skills of effective team lawyering and given an opportunity to put them into practice through an extensive legal research project on behalf of a public-service partner organization.

The course is taught by a team of full-time faculty with assistance from upper-level student fellows. Students gain experience conducting legal research, writing clear and persuasive legal documents, performing client representation duties and practicing critical analysis and oral skills while working as a team.

Organizations that might not otherwise have the resources for these important projects, come away with high-quality work products, such as plans, impact reports and practitioner’s manuals that can be implemented to achieve social justice objectives.

LSSC Celebrates 20 Years of Social Justice Impact in Legal Training

For more than two decades, every Northeastern law student has participated in Legal Skills in Social Context (LSSC), our unique first-year social justice program that prepares students to use law as a tool for social change. Participating clients, faculty and students reflect on the program’s history and impact.