Clinics and Centers

Gaining Experience While Doing Good

Too often, law students bring little more than classroom learning to their first jobs. Northeastern believes that practical experience is essential — and that gaining experience while advancing social justice is even better.

From the outset in your first year at Northeastern, we offer our public interest-focused signature course Legal Skills in Social Context that gives all first-year students an immediate immersive yearlong exposure to and training in utilizing law as a tool for social change, including a hands-on clinical component.

At the upper level, you can select among numerous public interest-focused clinics that afford students unique and valuable opportunities to work in real time on real-world matters — such as domestic violence or prisoners’ rights — for underrepresented individuals who will benefit from your efforts. You will stand by their side, advise them and learn on your feet how to make a difference in people’s lives.

Through our nationally recognized centers, institutes and programs, you have a unique opportunity to work closely with faculty and other legal experts, conduct research on the causes you believe in and craft interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems. While working for social justice, you’ll be adding experience to your knowledge base, which will help you hit the ground running when you graduate.


Centers and Front-Line Programs