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Keeping Things Symple

The Center for Co-op and Career Development uses Symplicity, a web-based management system, to handle our job postings, among other important functions.

Please note: The office does not check, validate or guarantee the accuracy of the job information presented, nor does it make any representations or endorsements about the background or reputation of the employers. Potential applicants are encouraged to perform their own investigation of the employers and employment opportunities presented.

In addition to job postings, students and graduates can also use Symplicity to store their own documents, including copies of resumes, cover letters and writing samples. Further, students and graduates can access important documents that are stored in the “Document Library” in Symplicity. The Center for Co-op and Career Development also uses Symplicity to coordinate recruitment programs, job fairs and to schedule events and interviews.

Instructions for Searching for Job Listings
To access job postings on Symplicity, select “Jobs” tab at top of the page.

To get the most out of your job search on Symplicity, here are some helpful tips:

  • Key Words: This field is self-explanatory, but be careful not to limit your search by being too specific (e.g. “family law” is a good search term, but “child custody” is too specific).
  • Location: Type in City
  • Position Type: You can search by position type, but ignore any category that is listed as “Co-op.”
  • Employer Type: Ignore this field. It is for internal use only.
  • To ensure that you are not missing any relevant job opportunities, you may want to search all jobs (i.e., no filters) in the database periodically.

Login Instructions for Current Students
To access the Symplicity Database, login using your Student Hub username and password.

Login Instructions for Recent Graduates
Graduates can continue to use their Student Hub username and password for one year after graduation to log on to Symplicity. At the end of that year, you will be sent instructions on how to continue to access your Symplicity account.

Login Instructions for Graduates from Class 2007 and after
Please e-mail to request a Symplicity account update.

Login Instructions for Graduates from Classes Prior to 2007
To register for a new Symplicity account, go to, select “students/alumni.” Select “register” and complete the registration form. After submitting your completed registration form, you will receive an e-mail from Symplicity requesting e-mail verification. Once you verify your e-mail, the Center for Co-op and Career Development will review your registration and you will receive a second e-mail from Symplicity issuing you a login and password.

Questions? Please contact