COVID-19 Update: Community Message from the Dean



3.24.20 — A message to students, faculty and staff:

As many of you know, I practice yoga daily. Yoga transforms breath and body, helping to steady the mind and provide focus. In any crisis, let alone a global one, it’s hard to find that steadiness and focus. As we collectively confront a global health pandemic, we struggle to reduce our levels of stress and anxiety, to remain calm, to connect with one another even while maintaining our social distance, to look forward without the reassurance of plans that only a few weeks ago seemed set in stone. It’s hard to take a deep breath when we feel the weight of the unknown bearing down on us. 

But this is what is certain: The Northeastern Law virtual community reflects the very best of our bricks-and-mortar and the very best of you. There have certainly been challenges in transitioning to the online world, and these challenges have been greater for some than for others. However, faculty and students continue to make a remarkably smooth transition to online learning. Co-op students are working remotely, supported by staff and employers. Employers value our students’ contributions and place trust in their ability to nimbly navigate the difficulties of a remote working environment. Our students who found their lives further upturned by having to move out of their residence halls handled these disruptions with resilience and remarkable fortitude — and some found safe harbors with classmates who offered to share their homes. Our staff continues to rise up in the face of the uncertain and the unknown as they provide academic and co-op counseling, supporting our students in achieving their goals.

As a law school community committed to social justice, we also must lead by example and guard against intolerance. We are appalled by recent attacks on Asian Americans. As a community, we must stand up against bigotry. As we step back from our normal daily lives, we must continue to collectively embrace our values. We must always champion the rights of the most vulnerable members of society. We must be advocates for those who will be devastated by loss of jobs and income. We must provide compassion to those who will lose loved ones to this deadly disease.

 Advocating for what we believe in requires us to reach deep within our better selves and to reach out in fellowship to one another. I feel very fortunate to serve as dean of a law school community that does not, in this moment of crisis, need to find its core. Our core is one another, and we already know how to collaborate and to cooperate, to serve our clients, to promote the public interest and to lead with humility. We need not dig deep to be a community that supports one another because we built our foundation on strength of character.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will contact you with ideas to enhance our virtual community outside of the classroom and welcome any ideas you may have to do so. Of course, I’m sure you join me in anticipating the day when we can all reconvene on Huntington Avenue and turn our virtual greetings into in-person connections.

In the meantime, please remember to take those deep breaths, to take care of your bodies and minds, and to reach out to your law school community for support. 


James Hackney

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