Center for Law, Equity and Race Research Workshop

Dean James Hackney established the Racial Justice Faculty Fellowship to support the research and writing of Northeastern University School of Law faculty. At this research workshop, the 2022 fellows will discuss their projects.

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Libby Adler, Regulating the Domain Called Beauty

The project investigates contrasting law reform trajectories for LGBTQ populations in the US and Cuba. It enquires into the redistributive methods of the Cuban state and the extent to which they have broadly allocated benefits across the LGBTQ population, particularly in light of economic forces since the end of the Cold War. The study traces the multidetermined process of LGBTQ legal advancement under socialist conditions and investigates the relationship between LGBTQ progress and political economic structure.

Stephanie Hartung, The Cradle-to Prison Pipeline (C2P)

Professor Hartung has designed and conducted a survey to address data gaps, particularly relating to the Massachusetts child welfare system, to support policy interventions to disrupt C2P and mitigate mass incarceration in Massachusetts. She will discuss the survey findings.

Michael Meltsner, Mosaic: Who Paid for the Bullet?

The fellowship made it possible for Professor Meltsner to publish the novel, Mosaic: Who Paid for the Bullet. The book tells the story of a 1960s murder of a charismatic woman doctor who sought to open a racially segregated healthcare system in a large Southern city. Mosaic is inspired by actual events – the struggle to end hospital segregation and the denial of care–which Professor Meltsner participated in as the primary lawyer handing health care cases at the NAACP LDF. It is a “true crime” novel.

Deborah Ramirez, Police Misconduct, Unaccountability, and Professional Liability Insurance

This study examines a possible policy response to the problem of police unaccountability. Professor Ramirez is implementing empirical research to examine how municipalities settle police misconduct complaints. She is studying police settlements in small, medium and large cities. The data will be useful as the researchers consider how professional liability insurance could further policies of accountability by preventing, detecting, and deterring reckless policing, and the data will also illuminate trends relating to police misconduct.

August 3, 2022

12:45 pm to 2:45 pm

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