International Opportunities

At Northeastern, students have the opportunity to gain invaluable international legal experience by completing one or more co-ops in the areas of "public" and/or "private" international law.

 These co-ops are available domestically or abroad in a variety of settings, including international agencies, government agencies, NGOs, advocacy groups, private law firms, corporations and the judiciary.

Students typically develop their own international law co-ops, tailored to their specific interests. For example, a student may be interested in co-op opportunities in a particular country or in a particular aspect of international law, and will work to identify potential jobs with the assistance of the Center for Co-op and Career Development staff and law school faculty. However, there are a number of participating co-op employers that focus on international legal issues, providing students with regular opportunities to gain experience in this area.

NU Toronto Interviews Ken Frankel ’82, Pesident, Canadian Council for the Americas

Ken Frankel ’82, president of the Canadian Council for the Americas, discusses changes in the global business economy and talks about how his experience at NUSL has helped him in his international career: “The co-op program taught us that you have to think on your feet. It’s not just a matter of how well you can reason something in an academic setting…you have to throw yourself into strange situations…and think your way out it, act your way out of it.” he says. “Northeastern has been and still remains the leader in cooperative legal education.”