Part-time, online and on-campus, JD delivery.

Northeastern Law’s FlexJD is a part-time law degree program combining flexible online coursework with scheduled in-person instruction.

If you have a strong academic background and professional obligations that would make a full-time program challenging, this ABA-approved program is ideally suited to your needs and lifestyle. You’ll complete online coursework on your own schedule and commute to the Boston campus for routinely scheduled in-person instruction. The part-time schedule is spread over four years rather than the full-time, three-year JD program.

Northeastern Law is ranked No. 1 for practical training and No. 1 for public interest by The National Jurist. It is also one of the nation’s most diverse law schools. Fill out the form to learn more about Northeastern Law and the part-time FlexJD program.

Here’s What You Need to Know About NUSL ...

  • You must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • For the fall 2021 incoming JD full-time and part-time class, the GPA median was 3.66 and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) median score was 162.
  • Our incoming FlexJD students typically have significant professional experience, in fields that include finance, business, law enforcement and more.
  • For the 1L year, students in the FlexJD program will be enrolled in classes on campus two evenings per week. The upper-level curriculum will also be delivered with both online and in-person courses and a variety of time/date options are under consideration, with the continuing goal of providing flexible access to our curriculum. 

What they’re saying...

“Our FlexJD really meets students where they are. This past year has further illustrated the true power strong online teaching can have on today's students and busy professionals. The FlexJD incorporates all of the hallmarks that have made a Northeastern Law JD unique, with the welcome addition of the online element.”
- Julian Fray
Associate Dean for Digital Strategy

“I was looking for a program that would allow me to balance my busy home and work life.”
- Jalon F.
FlexJD Student

“Northeastern's focus on social justice was the first thing that attracted me to the law program. I also love that Northeastern focuses on experiential learning—learning by doing is one of the most helpful ways to learn.”
- Kimberly L.
FlexJD Student