Staci Rubin JD/MPH/MELP ’09

“Northeastern allowed me to pursue all of my interests.”

Staci Rubin JD/MPH/MELP ’09

As a staff attorney at Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston — the same place she completed her final co-op — Staci worked with residents in low-income communities and communities of color throughout the commonwealth to improve their quality of life by: accessing lower cost utility bills; reducing environmental pollutants; transforming vacant lots into green and open spaces; and participating in federal, state, and local agency decision-making processes about public health and public safety matters. ,“I thought I’d have to wait until I was out of law school 10 years to have a job like this,” she says, “and it happened right away.”,Staci credits Northeastern — and the combination of knowledge and skills she gained through her dual degrees with helping her find her niche. Today, Staci is a hearing officer with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, which ensures


Koob & Magoolaghan, New York

Staci researched and wrote legal memoranda on various prisoners’ rights and health law matters and participated in preparation for depositions and trial.

  • Society for Restorative Justice
  • Legal Environmental Advocacy Forum
  • Northeastern University Law Journal

Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, Environmental Protection Division, Boston

Staci focused on matters including judicial review of administrative agency denial for rulemaking, transfer of venue between Circuit Courts and chemical exposures and associated public health outcomes.

Legal Skills in Social Context

Lawyering Fellow

which is committed to ending discrimination against women in the American workplace in the near future.

MPH Courses at Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Public Health Economics
  • Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Healthcare Budgeting and Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Boston, Massachusetts

MELP Courses at Vermont Law School
  • Agricultural Law and Policy
  • Energy Project Finance and Development
  • Indian Country Environmental Law
  • Ocean and Coastal Law

Alternatives for Community & Environment, Boston, Massachusetts

Staci worked with residents of environmental justice communities on matters involving environmental, energy and health law, as well as civil rights and public health.

After Graduation

Staff Attorney, Alternatives for Community & Environment, Boston


Counsel II, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, Boston, Massachusetts


Senior Attorney, Conservation Law Foundation, Boston, Massachusetts


A broad thinker working to eradicate root causes of social injustice.