Two Northeastern Law Students Named Equal Justice Works Fellows

Two Northeastern Law Students Named Equal Justice Works Fellows

05.23.24 — Hannah Rushton ’24 and Nina Thacker ’24 have been awarded Equal Justice Works (EJW) Fellowships, one of the most prestigious and competitive post-graduate legal fellowships in the country. Rushton and Thacker are among only 84 fellows selected for the 2024 program, which pairs aspiring public interest lawyers with legal services organizations so that they can work on a two-year project of their own design.

Hannah Rushton ’24

Hannah Rushton will spend her fellowship at Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County in Pacomia, California. Her project seeks to advocate for children with learning disabilities by providing skills-based, self-advocacy workshops and direct representation to support families in navigating discriminatory education systems throughout California, with a special focus on the Antelope Valley region of Los Angeles. Rushton’s personal and professional experiences in the education field, as well as her work with families in the Antelope Valley during law school, inspire her interest in education law and motivate her to serve this community.

“As a first-generation graduate and former educator, I have felt and seen the transformative power of public education as well as the obstacles hindering meaningful access to it. By collaborating with parents and students, I hope to help more students access their education,” said Rushton.

Nina Thacker ’24

Nina Thacker will serve her fellows ship at the New England Innocence Project (NEIP) in New Hampshire, where she worked before attending Northeastern Law. She has remained deeply connected to the staff and the exoneree community and is excited to rejoin the team as a legal fellow. Thacker’s project will focus on freeing wrongfully convicted people in New Hampshire, raising awareness about the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions, and effecting systemic change to reduce the likelihood of future injustices. To further develop a wrongful conviction practice in New Hampshire, Thacker will engage in three primary areas: litigation, education and policy advocacy. She will review, investigate  and litigate wrongful conviction claims in New Hampshire, collaborating with partners that include lawyers, experts and investigators. She will also develop resources and trainings on wrongful convictions to deliver to the New Hampshire legal community. Finally, Thacker will work with policy experts to advocate for new laws in New Hampshire that expand avenues for post-conviction relief.

“I am so grateful to work with a community that values and fights for freedom. I see wrongful conviction work as one piece of a broader movement towards abolition and reimagining how we prevent and respond to harm,” said Thacker.

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