FlexJD Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Rachel Vierra ’25
“When deciding where to apply to law school, I had to make the difficult decision of whether or not I was willing to give up my full-time job. I started looking into part-time programs that would allow me the ability to both work and pursue a legal education. I came across Northeastern’s FlexJD program and was immediately drawn to its flexibility. Ultimately, I ended up choosing FlexJD for this reason—flexibility. I was further attracted to the social justice focused curriculum, co-op program, and overall sense of community Northeastern Law offered.
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Jalon Fowler ’25
“My professor really went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable, to provide supplementary information and to make us feel welcome. The class was tough, but we felt like she was pushing us in a positive way and, as a result, we really grasped the content. On co-op, while I’m writing, I think about the corrections and feedback that she provided to me, and it makes a difference in the work I produce. With the assistance of my co-op advisor, I found a co-op with a judge in Cambridge juvenile court. For this co-op, I negotiated the hours I would be in-person and the number of hours I would work from home. So, when I’m in person at court, I observe procedures, trials and hearings. When I’m at home, I’m working on legal writing and research projects for the judge.”

Ellie Fiskio ’26
“The main reason I chose Northeastern was because of co-op. While working full time in a non-legal job, I am still able to get the co-op legal experience as part of the curriculum. It’s also been great to make connections with other students in the program, who work in so many different fields. I know some people in my Legal Skills in Social Context law office are in finance, some people are paralegals, some work in land ownership offices, some work in labs that do blood testing and others are firefighters. You get to learn so much about people’s lives and how everything that you do intersects somewhere legally. You make connections with people who become not only your friends, but are also imperative to your legal education and career.”

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