Official Transcript Requirements

You are required to arrange for receipt by Northeastern Law your transcripts (or marksheets) that evidences all university-level (post-secondary education) courses, credits and grades (or marks) from any and all colleges or universities that you have ever attended, whether or not you received a degree from said colleges or universities. If you hold a degree from any previous institution, and if the transcripts do not evidence the completion of a degree, you are also required to arrange for receipt by Northeastern Law an official certificate of completion or diploma that evidences the degree that you hold, and the date of degree conferral. An official document/transcript is one that is generally printed on security sensitive paper, and includes a university seal, and the signature of the registrar’s office or similar authority. Official electronic transcripts also include a university seal and the signature of the registrar’s office. Generally, any document received directly from a student is not considered official, unless it is received in a sealed package or envelope. An official document is typically one that is sent from the originating institution or company directly to LSAC for processing. Documents received by NU become the property of NU and cannot be returned.


You are encouraged to complete this requirement prior to matriculation. You are required to complete this requirement by/before 30 days after the first day of classes of your effective term of entry (e.g. if September 15 is the first day of the term for which you plan to course enroll/matriculate, you must complete this requirement by October 14). After the deadline, students will not be allowed to enroll for the subsequent term unless and until they fulfill this requirement.