Written Law: A Conversation Between Lawyer Authors Michael Meltsner and Daniel Medwed

Join Professor Michael Meltsner, the author of Mosaic: Who Paid For The Bullet?, and Professor Daniel Medwed, the author of Barred, at the Cambridge Public Library for a reading followed by a conversation and audience Q&A.

Michael Meltsner, the lawyer in famous civil rights cases including Mohammad Ali’s, and University Distinguished Professor of Law at Northeastern, is presenting his new novel, Mosaic: Who Paid For The Bullet? This book tells the story of a 1960s murder of a charismatic woman doctor who courted danger trying to dismantle a racially segregated healthcare system in a large Southern city.

Daniel Medwed is a law professor and WGBH legal analyst. His new novel, Barred, is an exposé of how our legal system makes it nearly impossible to overturn wrongful convictions. Medwed argues that our justice system’s stringent procedural rules are largely to blame for the ongoing punishment of the innocent. Offering clear explanations of legal procedures alongside heart-wrenching stories of their devastating impact, Barred exposes how the system is stacked against the innocent and makes a powerful call for change.

Nov 17, 2022

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

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