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Friends World College, BA 1974
University of Connecticut School of Law, JD 2003


Professor Bruce Jacoby directs the School of Law’s Intellectual Property Law Clinic. He previously served as an assistant clinical professor for the Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic at UConn School of Law, where he earned his JD in 2003. After law school, he joined Wiggin & Dana in New Haven as a member dedicated to the firm’s intellectual property practice group, and held similar positions in subsequent years at other firms, most recently as senior trademark counsel to Kim IP Law Group, an intellectual property boutique.

The years between his undergraduate and law degrees were spent as both a freelance cameraman and filmmaker, then as a writer and creative director. His experience on both the creative and legal sides of intellectual property issues gives him a unique perspective on the challenges involved and makes him particularly well-suited to lead the Intellectual Property Law Clinic, which serves as a laboratory for “new normal” law practice innovation, including integrated teams and collaborative models of practice.

Bruce Jacoby

Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Intellectual Property Law Clinic


140(c) Dockser Hall
416 Huntington Avenue
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