Jay Wang ’08

Co-ops and clinics helped me gain experience — and see real-world practice at play.

Jay Wang ’08

A native of Taiwan, Jay Wang came to law school with an open mind — ready to explore the possibilities. “I have a deep interest in history, politics and justice, so law school was a natural choice for me,” he explains. “When I entered Northeastern, I wanted to get a broad range of legal experience and see where it took me.”

Jay did that through a variety of co-ops, ultimately focusing on corporate law as his area of interest. He has served in senior positions with a variety of companies, including State Street Corporation, EMQ, Inc. and New Kinpo Group, where he managed mergers and acquisitions across multiple jurisdictions. Today, he works as senior legal counsel for Blizzard Entertainement in Taiwan. “I like that I interact directly with clients because I’m in house,” he says. “I like learning what the business is doing and advising on different matters — because my role isn’t defined as purely legal.”


Massachusetts Superior Court, Boston, Massachusetts

This co-op gave Jay the chance to see how lawyers interact with judges and how the legal system works in this country.

  • Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

Poverty Law and Practice

Jay represented a client and was ultimately successful in helping that client secure unemployment benefits.


Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, New York

Jay got into the rhythm of in-house law on this co-op.

  • Law and Literature
  • Immigration Law
  • International Law
  • Negotiations
  • Tax Law

Goulston & Storrs, Boston, Massachusetts

Jay’s co-op with a large firm — in their corporate practice group — shifted his interest toward corporate law.

After Graduation

Associate, Goulston & Storrs, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Attorney, Axiom Pharmaceutical Corporation, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Vice President and Counsel, State Street Corporation, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Senior Legal Counsel, EMQ, Inc., Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Senior Legal Counsel, New Kinpo Group, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Senior Legal Counsel, Blizzard Entertainment, Taipei City, Taiwan


A global attorney with an eye for details.