Shiva Prakash ’16

My co-ops were part of a strategic plan that landed me just where I want to be.

Shiva Prakash ’16

“I was drawn to the challenges involved with helping developing countries as well as urban communities in the United States on the path to sustainable and equitable growth.”,After completing both her bachelor’s in economics and master’s in city planning, she joined a leading sustainable-development nonprofit company, where she dug into the details of construction and compliance, and managed teams building affordable — and green — housing. Shiva thrived on the ground game, but decided that law school would be her path to helping communities with the big-picture policies that will protect our natural resources and vulnerable communities for generations to come.,Through connections she made on co-op, Shiva secured a prestigious post-graduate Equal Justice Works Fellowship that will allow her to help low-income clients facilitate renewable energy and energy efficiencies in their communities. “My goal is to help lower-income communities at this critical moment of policy and market change in the energy and environmental arena to facilitate self-determination in shaping their own healthy and sustainable futures.”


Conservation Law Foundation, Boston

Shiva’s first co-op was a crash course in high-profile environmental litigation. Though she had her doubts about liking litigation before the co-op started, she soon found that the nuts and bolts of filing a lawsuit appealed to her.

  • Environmental Law Society (chair)
  • Women’s Law Caucus
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund

US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, Providence

Shiva delved into what she calls “bread-and-butter” legal issues involving a wide variety of civil and criminal cases under the supervision of a federal judge.


Natural Resources Defense Council, New York

With a post-graduate plan to move to New York, Shiva capitalized on co-op through both location and working for an employer with large scale, high-impact environmental cases.


Law and Economic Development

Teaching Assistant
  • Community Business Clinic
  • Civil Procedure
  • Criminal Law

New York State Office of the Attorney General, New York

With a post-graduate fellowship lined up, Shiva opted for exposure to a public office to broaden her understanding of how government lawyers can affect policy.

After Graduation

Equal Justice Works Fellow, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, New York


Assistant Corporation Counsel, New York City Law Department, Environmental Division, New York


A champion for low-income people and the healthy environments we all deserve.