Roberts Wins International Trademark Association’s Ladas Memorial Award

Roberts Wins International Trademark Association’s Ladas Memorial Award

3.27.23 — Professor Alexandra Roberts, a leading expert on intellectual property and trademark law, has been awarded the International Trademark Association’s Ladas Memorial Award in the professional category for her article, “A Poetics of Trademark Law,” forthcoming in the Berkeley Technology Law Journal.

The Ladas Memorial Award was established in memory of Stephen P. Ladas, distinguished practitioner and author. The annual award, funded by Ladas & Parry LLP, goes to exceptional research and writing in student and professional categories for a paper on trademark law or a matter that directly relates to or affects trademarks.

Roberts’ article explores the poetics of trademarks. It calls upon several overlapping senses of the word “poetics”: a study of rhetorical devices; a strategy for interpretation; and a structuring principle undergirding trademark law itself. It defines a number of commonly used poetic devices, offers examples from both poetry and trademarks, and discusses federal court and USPTO decisions that consider their effects on protectability or infringement.

“This project is close to my heart and I’m honored that the committee selected it for recognition,” said Roberts. “INTA does invaluable work bringing together IP practitioners and academics from all over the world and highlighting key legal issues in trademark protection and litigation; my work has benefited immensely from my participation in INTA events and the connections I’ve made with trademark practitioners and scholars through the organization.”


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