Mission Statement

Kemet is an ancient Egyptian word that means “Black people.” This organization is affiliated with the National Black Law Student Association and Northeastern Regional Black Law Student Association.

This Association adheres to the following purposes of the National BLSA Constitution:

  1. To articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black Law Students, including recruitment and retention of Black law students.
  2. To foster and encourage professional competence.
  3. To focus on the relationship of the Black Law Student and the Black Attorney to the American legal structure,
  4. to instill in the Black Attorney and Law Student a greater awareness of and commitment to the needs of the Black community,
  5. to influence the legal community to bring about meaningful change to meet the needs of the Black community,
  6. to adopt and implement a policy of economic independence,
  7. to encourage Black Law Students to pursue careers in the judiciary, and
  8. to do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.

The Kemet Chapter adheres to the following additional purposes:

  1. To foster and encourage academic success,
  2. to promote the hiring and retention of black faculty and staff, and
  3. to provide and promote opportunities for Black law students to establish relationships within the greater legal community.