Dean’s Welcome

Welcome from Dean James Hackney

At Northeastern Law, we combine academically rigorous coursework with the best practical training experience program in the nation. Our Cooperative Legal Education Program plays a transformational role in each student’s legal education. Our students work with lawyers and judges across the nation, and even the world, honing their skills, testing their assumptions and creating networks in the profession. What most excites me about our community is the spirit of Northeastern Law. It’s a spirit of professional and personal collaboration and cooperation. It’s a spirit of friendship and hope and solidarity. It’s a spirit that calls upon us to be champions for our clients, to reinvent the laws of our land when they are biased and partisan, to embrace those members of our society who struggle the most to grasp the promise of equal justice. Our students embrace our vision, partner with faculty and staff, who are the architects of our mission, and ultimately join the ranks of our graduates, who are leaders in every field of law, in business, in the judiciary, in political office and beyond.  

This is not just any law school. Our program requires self-starters who are multi-taskers. Our students move back and forth not only between co-op and classroom, but also between their assumptions and the reality of practicing law. They face the moral and ethical tests that every lawyer confronts, and they are asked to think deeply and even nobly about the advice they will provide to clients and the decisions they will make on their clients’ behalf. 

This website offers a wide variety of information about our history and mission and the many unique people and programs that are the foundation of our law school community. We appreciate your interest and hope that you will contact us with your questions and comments.

Dean James Hackney