In keeping with its mission to promote cutting edge scholarship and analysis on human rights issues, PHRGE faculty, staff and students publish a range of publications. These include scholarly books and articles, reports, briefs and blog posts. Those publications are collected in the list below.

The Human Right to Water

The latest publication in PHRGE's series on water and human rights in the US,  “Voluntary Local Reviews and the Human Right to Water,” reports on the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal #6 on the right to water. This briefing is the product of the Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy, with input from the interdisciplinary research team for the project Water Unaffordability in the United States: Using Principles of Organizational Capacity to Understand Municipal Variation in Providing Water Access (NSF Award No. 1948790).

Brianna Ziegenhagen ’22 is the lead author of the report. Additional comments and feedback were provided by Martha F. Davis, University Distinguished Professor of Law, Northeastern University; Amanda Lyons, Executive Director, Human Rights Center, University of Minnesota; and Laura Senier, Associate Professor of Sociology and Health Sciences, Northeastern University.

This is PHRGE’s sixth publication in a series on the human right to water. The other publications are: (1) The Human Right to Water: A Research Guide and Annotated Bibliography; (2) The Human Right to Water: Using Freedom of Information Laws to Understand Rising Water Rates; (3) The Human Right to Water: A Primer for Lawyers and Community Leaders; and (4) A Drop in the Bucket: Water Affordability Policies in Twelve Massachusetts Communities; and (5)  “Disconnected: How Household Water Shutoffs in the United States During the COVID Pandemic Violate the Human Right to Water.” 

CPIAC Journal 
Reflections on the practice of social justice law, published by the Center for Public Interest Advocacy and Collaboration.

Human Rights and the Global Economy SSRN e-Journal
PHRGE Affiliated Faculty and Staff co-edit an online human right law journal published by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). There are currently over 500 subscribers and over 7500 papers posted. Subscription to the e-Journal requires an SSRN login.

Human Rights at Home Blog
PHRGE Faculty Co-Director Martha Davis co-edits this blog on the Law Professors network. This unique resource focuses on human rights in the United States and features posts from a national roster of human rights scholars and advocates

Additional Publications