We Embrace Interdisciplinary Studies

Our global university offers a wide range of health policy and law courses:

Global Studies and International Affairs

  • Global Health Perspectives, Politics and Experiences in International Development
  • Critical Issues and Challenges in the Practice of Global Health
  • Emerging Infection Diseases and Health Impacts
  • Health and Human Rights, and Ethical Issues in Global Health Futures

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

  • The (in)Visibility of (dis)Ability in Society
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Health in the United States
  • Public Health Administration and Policy
  • Strategic Management and Leadership in Health Care
  • Evaluating Health Care Quality
  • Economic Perspectives on Health Policy
  • Society, Behavior, and Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Global Health
  • Principles and History of Urban Health
  • Open Classroom: Health Policy

Department of Political Science

  • US Health and Welfare Policy

School of Law

  • Advanced Legal and Interdisciplinary Research
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology and the Law
  • Bioethics and the Law
  • Bioproperty
  • Disability Law
  • Drug Law and Policy
  • Economic Perspective on Health Policy
  • Elder Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Global AIDS Policy Seminar
  • Health Law
  • Human Rights in the Global Economy
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Health Law
  • Health Care Fraud and Abuse
  • Law and Biotechnology
  • Patent Law
  • Problems in Public Health Law
  • Reproductive Rights and the Law