Alumni/ae Connection and Events

Walking Tour
BLSA members embark together on a walking tour to experience Boston’s rich Black history.

Mentor/Mentee Mixer
Upper level students and 1Ls come together socially for the first time as a large group at the mentor/mentee mixer. This event is an opportunity for students to select a mentor/mentee with whom they share interests and a rapport. Students are also able to begin building relationships between members of the different graduating classes in a casual atmosphere.

State of BLSA
Led by the Chair, the Executive Board presents their vision for the chapter for the academic year including programming, events, and initiatives-both on campus and in the community.

1L Event - Induction Ceremony
The 1L event is a welcoming ceremony for the Kemet Chapter's first year students. The event is an opportunity for 1Ls to become acquainted with other members of the organization.

Birth of a Nation Screening
BLSA members will go en masse to witness Nate Parker’s powerful retelling of Nat Turner’s 1831 slave rebellion. A lively discussion is sure to follow.

Diversity Reception
BLSA, together with other affinity groups, organizes a luncheon each semester which provides first year students of color with an opportunity to interact with their professors in a relaxed setting. Students are also able to ask professors, staff, and administrators questions regarding study habits, work/life balance, course selection, and how to succeed in law school.

BLSA members will gather at an E-Board member’s home for an old-fashioned “lock in.” During this overnight retreat, members will bond by playing games, watching movies, preparing meals, and generally spending time together. Time will be set aside for studying and tutoring.

Black History Month
Black History Month is a time to reinforce BLSA's presence at NUSL and to educate the NUSL community. Each February, Kemet holds a number of events to promote cultural awareness. Among these events are screenings of films that concern the African-American struggle for civil and human rights or African-American culture. Past movies have included: Sankofa, OJ: A Study in Black and White, Eyes on the Prize, Ray, Crash, Meeting David Wilson, and Fruitvale Station. Other events have included a bake sale where patrons were provided with Black History facts and funds raised were donated to community serving non-profits. Kemet has also sponsored a “bar review” where the chapter hosted the broader law school community at a local Black owned restaurant and bar.

Potluck and Politics
A BLSA member hosts chapter members at their home for an evening of fellowship and debate while breaking bread together as a BLSA family. A past theme was “Black Politics and Movement Lawyering” and members contributed not only their thoughts and ideas on the topic, but a variety of delicious foods from throughout the diaspora including traditional Haitian, Creole and Southern foods. 

3L Event - Commencement Celebration
This ceremony is held in April for the Kemet Chapter’s graduating third year students and has become a BLSA staple. Each graduating student is lovingly roasted by their classmates and presented with Kente Cloth stoles to be worn during NUSL's Commencement Ceremony.