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Why Our Law Students Stand Out from the Crowd

They Know How to Work

The best reason to hire Notheastern Law grads is because, more than graduates of almost any other law school, they will be able to effectively practice law from the day they enter your office. As a result of our premier Cooperative Legal Education Program, every Northeastern Law student is guaranteed almost a full year of intensive work experience thoroughly integrated into an intellectually rigorous legal education. So not only can they think about the law in subtle and creative ways, they also know how to do client intake, research and draft memoranda and briefs, and do many of the other things that a lawyer does every day because they’ve already done it on co-op.

They Know How to Work Together

Because Northeastern provides students with opportunities to work collaboratively as well as with written evaluations instead of letter grades and class rankings, they are free to cooperate with one another on projects, assume leadership roles and take intellectual risks. This dynamic shifts their attention from the grade at the end of the class to the ideas that are the point of the class, encouraging fresh thinking and teamwork — which is exactly what you want from a lawyer at your firm or organization.

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