The Office of New Markets

The Office of New Markets

The Office of New Markets focuses on developing and expanding employment opportunities and career paths beyond traditional law practice.

Our New Markets employer partnerships span a wide spectrum of industry sectors — from health care, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to technology, renewable energy and fintech, just to name a few. Employers recognize the value of a Northeastern law degree in a variety of areas and roles within an organization.

A Distinct Perspective

Northeastern law graduates offer a distinct perspective in key organizational areas, such as:

  • Compliance and ethics
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Data privacy and security
  • Government affairs
  • Corporate Governance
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Labor relations
  • Policy analysis
  • Risk management
  • Employee benefits
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Title IX
  • Legal operations
  • Procurement and vendor management

Adaptive Legal Skills

With their adaptive legal skills, Northeastern Law graduates come to the table as:

  • Strategic thinkers
  • Creative and pragmatic problem solvers
  • Clear and persuasive written and oral communicators
  • Proactive issue spotters
  • Effective risk mitigators
  • Steady navigators in thorny legal, regulatory and compliance issues
  • Knowledgeable distillers of complex information
  • Strong and insightful negotiators
  • Key interdisciplinary team contributors

Beyond the Standard Legal Toolbox

In addition to a rigorous legal education, Northeastern Law students graduate with:

  • Almost a year’s worth of full-time work experience through the school’s signature Cooperative Legal Education Program. Students graduate with three, full-time professional experiences under their belt.
  • Direct client work from day one through the school’s unique yearlong program, which introduces students to the core skills of effective teamwork.

The School of Law’s JD x Certificates and dual-degree programs offer students a dynamic opportunity to focus their expertise.

JD x Certificates, including:  

Health Law and Policy
Legal Design
Poverty Law and Economic Justice
Privacy Law
Sustainability and Climate Change
Women, Gender, Sexuality and the Law

Dual-degree programs, including:

Experience working with organizations through various clinics and labs, such as: 

  • Community Business Clinic: This transactional law clinic offers students the opportunity to provide businessrelated legal services to startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Intellectual Property Law Clinic: Led by students and faculty from the law and business schools, the Intellectual Property Law Clinic provides a range of crucial IP-related legal information and services to inventors and ventures in Northeastern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • NuLawLab: Envisioning a world in which everyone is empowered to use the law, this interdisciplinary innovation laboratory works to imagine, design, test and implement pioneering approaches to advance the democratization of law.
  • Public Health Legal Clinic: In this clinic, students work on real-world projects involving public health and related research methodology

Centers of Excellence

Rhonda RittenbergFor more information about how Northeastern law students and graduates can add value to your organization, please contact:

Rhonda Rittenberg ’87
Director, Office of New Markets
Tel: 617.373.4298

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