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The Center for Co-op and Career Development uses Symplicity, a web-based recruiting system, to manage most of our recruitment programs. To reserve a date to come on campus or set up a résumé collection through Symplicity, please log in to Symplicity and register for an account or contact

If you prefer not to set up an account on Symplicity, please complete and return our registration form.

If you are unable to interview in Boston, we can facilitate virtual interviews using our on-line interview platform, FloRecruit. Northeastern University School of Law is also a member of the Massachusetts Law School Consortium (MLSC), which sponsors a number of recruitment programs and job fairs for employers. Please visit the MLSCs website for program details and registration information.

A Note on Our Grading System

The School of Law’s grading system cultivates an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. Rather than alphabetic or numeric grades, our students receive narrative evaluations from professors and co-op employers. In addition to these narrative evaluations, which are prepared for all courses in all three years, students may receive Honors or High Honors for strong academic performance. There is no class rank or GPA.

Students work together to achieve individual and group results — a cooperative spirit that becomes an asset in their legal careers. Northeastern’s system helps students focus on what matters most: honing their skills through detailed feedback and learning to collaborate so that they are more fully prepared for the practice of law. It should be clearly understood that the School of Law’s narrative grading system does not eliminate academic risk. Under the school’s Academic Rules, the faculty reserves the right to dismiss any student whose written work, classroom performance or employer evaluations indicate unsatisfactory progress toward professional competence.

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