Academic Support

Academic Support

Queer Caucus is committed to the academic and emotional support of all of its members. Below are some of the ways we support each other:

Mentor Program
In an effort to ease the difficulties of the first year of law school, Queer Caucus is developing a mentor/mentee program between first-year and upper-level students. Through this program, it is our hope that 1L students will be more firmly equipped with the tools to successfully navigate law school as a queer student.

1L Success
To ensure the success of our first-year students, Queer Caucus is dedicated to holding a meeting each first-semester to answer questions on study tips, outlining, and the ins and outs of law school. This meeting is held prior to the first round of 1L finals, and is intended to provide support and advice to 1L students.

QC Faculty & Staff Breakfast
In the winter of 2018, QC hosted its first faculty and staff breakfast, in which QC members had the opportunity to meet and connect with queer faculty and staff, as well as allies. QC organized this event in an effort to establish a queer space in which students could become acquainted with faculty and stuff who identify themselves as supportive to queer students. QC hopes to establish this breakfast as an annual opportunity for connection and networking.

Maintaining Bonds
It is our hope that the connections and tools for success established the first year of law school extend to the 2nd and 3rd years as well. In QC, students have the opportunity to not only make friends, but to establish connections with peers and explore similar interests. As upper-level classes tend to be smaller than first year courses, these connections can translate into further support and success in upper-level coursework.