Live it. Learn it.

A rigorous curriculum, exceptional professors and unmatched experiential learning opportunities fuel Northeastern’s one-of-a-kind academic enterprise. You’ll synergistically learn complicated legal concepts, solve real legal problems and develop research, analysis, writing and debate expertise.

You’ll spend your first year diving deeply into the fundamentals of the American legal system, taking required courses such as Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, and Property Law. Through the yearlong Legal Skills in Social Context course, you’ll develop essential skills — from legal research to client representation — and then put them into practice through a social justice community project.

Through upper-level electives such as Intellectual Property, International Law and Public Health Law, you’ll build expertise in the areas you’re most passionate about. Along the way, you’ll be mentored and taught by exceptional faculty who publish in leading law journals and are hands-on pro bono practitioners.

In just three years, you’ll be ready to practice law — armed with unparalleled depth of knowledge and more legal experience than graduates of any other law school.

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