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CPIAC’s Cradle-to-Prison (C2P) project hosted a half-day conference in November, 2019, that brought together advocates and organizers interested in dismantling the pipeline.

Time to Vote Research Project

Long waits at the polls and other voting challenges can undermine the right to vote.

With crucial national and local elections regularly being decided by razor-thin margins, unequal allocation of electoral resources and subsequent voter disenfranchisement are one of this era’s most pressing civil rights issues. The Northeastern University Time to Vote project is a research collaboration among Northeastern Law's Center for Public Interest Advocacy and Collaboration (CPIAC), Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project and NuLawLab; Northeastern University's College of Social Sciences and Humanities (Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy and Political Science Department), College of Arts, Media and Design and Charlotte, North Carolina campus; and partner organizations across the U.S.  The project gathers data about voters’ wait times and other obstacles to voting access to assist efforts for equitable electoral resource distribution.

Voting rights advocates have long pointed to disparities in wait times and voting access, including persistent racial disparities. In response to a gap in precise quantitative data to better evidence these obstacles and disparities, the Time to Vote project has developed a smartphone-based app that voters can use to measure the time they spend waiting to vote and provide information about other voting challenges they may have encountered. The project also conducted a survey of voters in the 2020 federal election which, notably, revealed significant differences in voters’ willingness to wait based on race and gender — with Black women willing to wait longest.

Read coverage of the Time to Vote Project’s survey findings in The Washington Post.

Dismantling the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline

The cradle-to-prison pipeline refers to the web of systems that, from birth and even earlier, channels youth — disproportionately low-income youth of color — into future incarceration.  Northeastern University’s Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline Project is an interdisciplinary research initiative identifying and supporting promising interventions to dismantle this pipeline.  The initiative convenes researchers from Northeastern University School of Law; College of Arts, Media and Design; and College of Social Sciences and Humanities together with non-profit organizations, returned citizens, legal practitioners and other experts.  By breaking down disciplinary silos, holistically analyzing pipeline contributors, and validating proposed interventions to dismantle them, the project creates resources for advocates and policymakers to change the laws, policies and practices that consign youth to future incarceration.

Learn more at the project website, www.cradle2prison.info. Please email cpiac@northeastern.edu if you would like to get involved.

Visit www.cradle2prison.info/resources

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